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S&J: a Skagit-hiker's bridal session

When S&J, long-time friends of mine, invited me to document their non-traditional 'bridal' adventure in Skagit County, I jumped at the chance.

These two had a series of small celebrations for their actual wedding (one of which, I crashed with my camera), but this day was about getting 'wedding' portraits that felt true to them. They're big eaters - in a non-snooty way - and big hikers (but ones I can keep pace with), and share dozens of adventures of this sort. So their itinerary for this shoot was perfect. We started our day with a visit to a local farm for supplies, followed by a breathtaking hike near Deception State Park. The ever-changing weather only added to the come-what-may spirit of the hike.

Our adventure culminated at Taylor Shellfish Farms, where we indulged in fresh, delicious shellfish – a perfect end to a day filled with laughter, fresh fish, and a cozy kind of rain. As a wedding photographer who thrives on capturing the real, imperfect magic of love, this day was a dream come true. S&J's Skagit County bridal adventure showcases the joy of celebrating love in a way that feels authentic to you. If you're looking for wedding photography that tells your unique story, I'm here to document your adventure.


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