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Natalie and Ian Wed at Center for Urban Horticulture

Capturing Natalie and Ian's wedding made of one of the most heartfelt days of my career. I fell head over heels for these two during out consult, and my excitement was only amplified by the romance and silliness and sheer joy of their engagement session.

Their wedding day managed to be both grand and profoundly intimate. The dual ceremonies - one for family and another embracing the larger community (almost 200 people!) - created an atmosphere of inclusivity and warmth. Natalie and Ian's home, a cozy haven brimming with plants, books, and aromatic spices, set the stage for a deeply moving first look. Their ceremonies - and vows exchanged - were full of raw emotion. Some, even on my part.

The day was punctuated by details that felt like them: all of the drink glasses, from their home. The decor: personal, and with sustainability in mind. Natalie and Ian’s ability to remain present with each other amidst the hustle of the day was remarkable. It was like watching a series of quiet, meaningful exchanges in every look. The day wasn't just about the rituals or the celebration; it was a display of their connection to their community and mutual respect.

A special note of gratitude goes to The Zouave Restaurant, whose exquisite catering added to the day's delight, and the Center for Urban Horticulture, which provided a breathtaking backdrop that perfectly complemented Natalie and Ian's vibrant yet tender celebration.


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