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Marissa and David Wed

I knew that I would struggle to write about this day, and here I am, struggling to find the words.

Marissa and David's wedding had so many beautiful little happenings, so many serendipitous moments, so many meaningful accents, that my thoughts are scrambled on what it is I want to say.

I could tell you that they got married at their family home.

That the whole wedding paraded through the woods and into the ceremony to a live performance of a favorite Cloud Cult song. {digression: if you haven't listened to Cloud Cult, drop everything and do so right now}

That a butterfly landed on Marissa's shoulder during the ceremony.

That the overarching theme was music, and music was everywhere.

That these two have been together through teenage years and cross-country moves.

That there was a vegan feast and it was one of the best dinners I've ever had.

That the night ended in dancing and campfire s'mores.

The reason I struggle with gathering my thoughts is that I so desperately want to communicate the sincerity in how this day felt, but that kind of sincerity has to be experienced. And I'm fortunate to have gotten to experience it.

Thank you, both.

Caterer: Araya's Place

Marissa's Jewelry: Twyla Dill

Hair and Makeup: Hanna F Makeup Design

Wedding Bands: Aide Memoire Jewelry

Second Photographer: Danielle Carissa


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