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Elise and Bennett Wed

In the early, early morning hours of August 20th, I caught an LA flight to document Elise and Bennett's wedding in California. Feeling somewhere between exhausted and elated, I hitched a ride to Topanga Canyon and found myself at the 1909, hugging Elise hello for the first time in years and excitedly meeting Bennett.

All of it instantly turned to magic, and went by so quickly that I wish I could have slowed it down.

Elise and Bennett have this undeniable way of becoming animated around one another. Maybe spark is the word. Is it spark?

Or maybe it's the yep-these-two-should-absolutely-obviously-be-doing-this feeling (is there a better word for that)?

There were so many little moments and beautiful big moments. There were their earnest, diligently-crafted vows, and all of the silliness getting ready with their closest folks, and the taste of freshly-baked cookies the guests had brought to honor the Pittsburgh tradition, and of course, everyone dancing to LCD Soundsystem to launch the night off.

I'm so thankful to have gotten the chance to go on this crazy, beautiful trip and witness this day. Thank you, both, for allowing me to be there.

Venue: The 1909

Planner: Patrice Frazier Caterer: The Topanga Table Florist: Pigsty Baker: Rising Hearts Dress(es)/Suit(s): Bhldn Makeup: Makeup by Naz Hair: Steven Barrett


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