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Csilla and John Wed

Last month, I found myself on a flight to Sacramento. From there, I rented a car and drove through the endless valleys and panoramic vistas of Yosemite until I found myself in June Lake.

I've been thinking a lot about landscapes, how tiny they can make you feel, how a certain landscape can transform you, stir you out of idleness, enchant you, reignite you.

John and Csilla chose this landscape for a reason. They wanted to share the sense of wonder and grandeur from their adventures in Yosemite with their community. Their ceremony site was nestled beneath massive snow-covered peaks and reflective ponds, with early evening sun peeking through the trees.

Csilla and John have a way of lighting up around each other I feel photographs describe better than words. Their spark, highlighted on this day and in this landscape, was unmistakably real.

Thank you both for giving me an opportunity to travel, witness, document, and be a part of this day.

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Atom, New York


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