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Chris and Jenna - An Alpine Proposal

When Chris told me about his proposal plan, my heart did some flutters. He had me sold at "helicopter tour to an alpine lake", but the more I learned about him and his partner, the more invested I became. His cover was perfect because Jenna was in the process of getting her pilot's license and she knew he had something special in store for her birthday.

The ride was breathtaking; we flew past the city skyscrapers to the remote mountains near Snoqualmie. The mountains were covered in fog, the fall colors illuminated in the overcast light. Though I've been a fearful flyer for all of my adult life, this trip made me completely forget my anxiety.

When we landed, he asked the question. Jenna's reaction was emotional and heartfelt. She was also perfectly surprised, which was a bonus to it all. We popped a bottle of champagne and shot a few photos before departing back.

These two are artists, world travelers, parents -- and also, deeply, madly in love. Their love resonated in every single image we shot, and even though we didn't have a ton of time, every photo felt sincere beyond a doubt.

I wish I could relive this day.


Note: want to do something adventurous for your session? The pilot, George Coiner, was incredible to work with. Not only does he care deeply about safety, but he goes above and beyond for every single client. He and I will be offering sessions together in the future, so just mention this upon inquiry.

Or, reach out to Solar Sky Aviation


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