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Bonnie and Alex

When Bonnie and Alex told me where their wedding was, I was immediately on board. Emerald Forest is one of the most unique venues in Western Washington: you park in a residential neighborhood and follow a non-descript path leading to one of the most enchanting forest-scapes I've ever seen. Everything is overgrown in moss and adorned in twinkle lights. It's a hidden gem for mischievous pixies and elven creatures.

Back to the wedding. Bonnie and Alex stole my heart from our first phone call. They're highly skilled musicians and magicians at the piano. They're from very different parts of the world, but work to embrace each other's cultures every day.

I counted down the days until this wedding. And then the forecast showed torrential rain.

I haven't seen non-stop rain like this in five years. When checking the forecast, I refused to believe it. And I was extremely wrong.

But Bonnie and Alex didn't miss a beat. Bonnie had ZERO fear of getting her dress and shoes dirty. Alex was taking care of everyone, serving his parents, and keeping the families warm. They worked as a team to make this day a success, and never once uttered a complaint about the weather. They were game for every silly shot I suggested, and completely engaged with one another.

During their vows, they spoke a bit of each other's native languages. And everyone around them was so supportive, so full of love.

I always tell clients that rainy weddings can be exceptional. It just takes a lot of care, attention, and focus to be fully present and disregard the elements. And these two were the epitome of exceptional.

The team: Venue: Emerald Forest Treehouse MUA and officiant: Brushstrokes Beauty Makeup Artist Planner: Lia Mueller Weddings Videographers: The Double Shot Project


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