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MaLinda and Andy Wed

One day, two tender souls found each other. They fell in love and their stories got better and better from there.

I felt deeply connected with MaLinda and Andy from day one. We found each other in San Diego, where they built a home together with their girls. MaLinda, as a wedding planner, knew exactly what she wanted. She put time into crafting each detail, but kept everything else small and unscripted enough for spontaneity.

They wed at a private property on family land, sitting high on fifteen acres in Standwood. It was dances and sage. Campfires and sacred stones. A fortune-teller. The best Mexican food I've had at a wedding. Dogs roaming the property. Brilliant sunshine. And MaLinda's beautiful girls assisting me all day.

The depth of their love for one enough speaks in these images. This was a day that will stay in my memory forever.


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