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Amanda and Jeremy Wed

"The world has changed."

How many times have you read that particular set of words in the past week? In 2020, we learned that it takes only five months for an aphorism like this to cement itself in the collective consciousness. "The world has changed," is worn to cliche now. That happened fast!

However, "the world has changed" is the easiest, most accessible shorthand one could find for diplomatically saying that things are on fire. So I have to resort to those words as acknowledgement.


Like all creatives, I've been struggling with identity and meaning this year. Of course, business first appeared to collapse. Large events became impossible, and I've felt so torn with whether to share or not share the work I've been doing. How do I express the hundreds of compromises my clients have made through happy photographs? What about the reality of the cancellations, the heartbreak of not being able to hold your loved ones close on these monumental days?

I wouldn't want to erase the history happening at this very moment by pretending it's all happy. So for a while, I chose not to share at all.


But you know, we need moments of joy. When I photographed Amanda and Jeremy's elopement on the coast, it was the first time in months that I really felt like myself. We laughed and cried and hyper-bonded because of all of this.

And the two of them made heaps and heaps of compromises.They changed venues and cut their guest list to just 15. Where their original vision became impossible, the PNW landscape offered an spectacular alternative. I was shocked to learn that Amanda and Jeremy hadn't been to the Oregon coast before, nor spent time in Cannon Beach. I was elated at getting to introduce this particular landscape to them for the first time, on their wedding day.

So maybe it wasn't the original vision, but the connection between two people is the point of this entire industry. When you strip the industry down, it's just love that remains. And their love was real, and felt.

It reminded me that these things are absolutely worth celebrating and sharing.


As my first wedding since this all went down, these two brought me back to my work. I'm eternally grateful.

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