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Rachel and Jonathan Wed

This day. I've gotta tell you, I was properly nervous about this day.

I've known Rachel and Jonathan for a long time. I met Rachel as a model just setting out on her creative path five years ago - and Jonathan as the most supportive of partners, encouraging her in every way possible. We made easy collaborators and fast friends. We road tripped and photographed in sand dunes and along coastlines.

It was the biggest honor imaginable when Rachel asked me to photograph her wedding over a year ago. I was already planning and scheming back then. And when the day arrived, I just wanted it to be absolutely perfect for them.

The intent was intimacy. Their wedding was small, brunch-time, meant to bring together their closest people. Rachel's mom, a creative force to be reckoned with, meticulously sewed the dress (re-purposed from a Goodwill find) and created the cape. She organized, crafted bouquets, signs, and helped in every sphere imaginable. Rachel also invited The Falconer to set up shop with birds of prey; Wednesday, my favorite Eurasian Eagle Owl, had her time to shine. Actual raptors were their ring bearers. Because you can just do that (when you're Rachel).

And it rained all day, but the rain added to the atmosphere. Right before the ceremony, when deciding whether to move indoors, Rachel's mom Pat said, "they'll brave the rain for you" after consulting the guests. They did, we did, and everyone felt a little closer for it. Their connection was far too strong for a little rain to get in the way.

We danced. Laughed. Cried. Afterward, we hightailed back to Seattle to photograph along the water. These two didn't miss a beat, despite the adrenaline of the day and the soggy roads. It was that same chemistry we always had, comfortable, familiar.

The love and closeness was felt by all.


Hair and Makeup: C.M.B. Artistry

Birds of Prey: The Falconer

Second Photographer: Danielle

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