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Melissa and Phuong

Melissa and Phuong had a wedding that felt just right. It was intimate and sweet, done with taste and lots of heart.

Their guest count was thirty people. We photographed through the chaos of Queen Anne on a weekend, then headed into garden calm for the ceremony. Their pup Pepper was a guest of honor, affectionately by their side all day.

Melissa and Phuong said their vows under the branches of a sweeping tree through laughter and joyous tears, their histories reflected in that moment to open a new chapter. Afterwards, I joined them for a dinner at Canlis. I've truly never felt so included in any celebration, setting my camera down to join them at dinner and actually getting to know their friends. And let me tell you, they surround themselves with some of the best people.

It was perfection and simplicity and elegance and tenderness.

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