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Rachel and Mitch Wed

Rachel and Mitch have this energy about them. There is a tenderness there, a kind of innate poise that they embody in every moment together. They're the kind of couple that a photographer shouldn't try to pose; they fit too well for that.


This day was smooth sailing in the calmest waters. The sun shone high and bright over Trophy Lake as Rachel and Mitch said their vows, honoring their Scottish heritage surrounded by their dearest people. We drove golf carts around the stunning property and I selfishly wished I could monopolize more of their time for portraits because of their crazy chemistry.

The reception was all that a reception should be: a soft magic hour, toasts that left everybody in roaring laughter, and a ground-shaking dance floor late into the eve.

I loved everything about getting to spend this day in their company.

-- Venue/Catering/Planner: Trophy Lake Golf and Casting

Second Photographer: Autumn

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