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Samantha and Marcus Wed

It's fall, which means that I can finally start looking back at all of my summer weddings.


This day was especially close to my heart. Samantha and Marcus first met me in Seattle, where I documented their engagement session. They decided to have me fly out to San Diego for their wedding, which was an incredible honor. I gifted myself a couple of bonus days to scout, explore, meet up with artists, and consume all of the tacos I could get my paws on.

When their wedding day arrived, the brilliant sunshine and swaying palms felt so foreign from my normal landscape. Both of them were light and radiant for all of their planning to come to fruition. They chose the Courtyard Marriott, with fifty of their closest friends coming in from all over the country. And it was perfect, full of emotion and sincerity. The mark of a great wedding is a dance floor that never simmers down - and theirs didn't for a minute!

I'm beyond thankful to have shared this adventure with the two of them. -- Venue/Catering: Courtyard San Diego Airport / Liberty Station

Second Photographer: Sheryl Bale

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