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Christine Maternity Session

I've been away from the blog for so long that I had to remind myself how to do this.

All for a good reason: this summer has been intense (in all of the best ways). I had a fully booked-out season where I set a limit to how many shoots I could take on. And you know what? It felt good to limit myself. I met my deadlines early, I felt fully connected to clients, and I didn't feel the August-burn quite so heavily. I also took time to be a person, to travel with my best friend, to wander around Puerto Rico, to sketch, eat, explore.

I'm back to blogging, in part because I can't resist the pull of sharing all of the beautiful sessions I'm sitting on from this summer.


This one felt especially close to my heart. Christine and Brian met me at the Ballard Locks, with their pup Ruggles. Afterwards, we ditched our shoes and walked around Golden Gardens on a flawless Seattle day.

The two of them just welcomed a beautiful boy into their lives last month.

He's lucky to have such wonderful parents. And I'm lucky to catch a snippet of their journey.

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