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Dominique and Ian Elope

Dominique and Ian flew in from Maine to elope in the PNW. They wanted their wedding to just be about them: tiny, personal, with a new city and a new story. They had already built a life together, settling into a happy home on the other side of the country.

We had exchanged emails and calls, so I knew that I would bond with them - and upon meeting, I couldn't help but feel like being reunited with old friends. We wandered around Pioneer Square, the day a little overcast, a little rainy, the city humming with traffic.

The ceremony was short, sweet, sacred in a way. I asked a friend to come be their other witness, and everyone involved was a little watery after they said their vows. Emotions high, we voted to take a breather, venturing off for a celebratory drink. I showed them Smith Tower (which Dom tried to climb in heels). Silliness and happiness ensued.

It's a good thing the dark set in when it did, because I probably would have stretched this evening out to last as long as possible otherwise.

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