Rachel and Jonathan, a Leavenworth Engagement

November 9, 2018

When Rachel (one of my favorite collaborators) announced that she and her long-time partner Jonathan were engaged, I knew that we had to make the engagement portraits extraordinary. After all, our bar for working together kept elevating to more and more grandiose proportions. I don't get nervous prior to sessions anymore, but I did before this one. I scoured every source of inspiration I could and meditated on it in my cheapo hotel the night before. This, in my mind, is always a good sign. 

And then the day came and the weather accommodated our hopes - the fall colors at full vibrancy, the landscape vast and all-encompassing. When we met in the parking lot, I forgot about my fear. It felt like walking and playing in nature with friends; two friends fully attuned and comfortable in front of the camera, completely connected with one another. 


Rachel and Jonathan, I'm so happy for you both - and eternally glad for this opportunity. 


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