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James and Hayley Proposal

There was a long buildup to this day. James first contacted me while deciding how to propose to his girlfriend, Hayley, while on a trip to Seattle. He wanted something spectacular that would sweep her off her feet and come as a complete surprise.

So we planned and plotted and came up with an elaborate guise about him winning a freebie with a hiking enthusiast photographer. I crafted a fake certificate and everything.

I was supposed to meet them at the top of the ledge, but we bumped into each other in the parking lot instead, which was a relief considering how spooky the walk turned out to be. It was a great to have company, really, and I loved getting to hear their story.

We made it to Rattlesnake Ledge just in time for the sun to peek out over the mountains, which was when James pulled out the ring he had been sitting on for all of this time. The reaction was beautiful: an elated yes and a bottle of champagne and a sweeping grand vista opening up with the morning's first sun. We even had a pesky mountain goat photo bomber that followed us around despite our best efforts to steer clear of him.

Thank you, both, for allowing me to document this brilliant occasion.

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