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Emily and Brad Wed

Emily met Brad when she worked at a bar in San Diego and he was the much-lusted-after patron. They were inseparable from that moment on, career changes and moves across state lines and all.

As far as clients go, I felt like I hit the jackpot from the moment I connected with them - traditions be damned, it was the party that mattered. My kind of people.

Emily and Brad have this pull to them.

It's a kind of energy that draws people in at first, cementing each relationship over time with depth and loyalty. On their wedding day, that energy culminated into an infectious joy and sense of support from everyone who was present.

Their guests feasted on pot pies and drank beers and celebrated and danced really, really hard.

It was perfection, as I would define it.

Caterer: 314 Pies

Second Photographer: Danielle Carissa

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