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Allison and Sergei Wed

In October, two critters wed on a docked ferry ship overlooking the Seattle skyline.

This was the day I learned all about these critters.

Critters (the loving nickname Sergei and Allison go by) are adept at meeting and falling in love and promptly moving across state lines to cooler, wetter climates. Critters also travel around the world side by side, touring distant temples in Southeast Asia, exploring far-off places, and indulging in exciting foods.

Critters are known for occasionally hosting big parties masquerading as weddings, playing Russian music close to my heart, looking enchanting while poking fun at each other, and dancing nights away.

I learned that I have a fond affection for critters on this day.

Venue. catering, and flowers: MV Skansonia

Second Photographer: Anthony

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