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Maggie and David Elopement in NY

After returning from Mexico, I had a couple of days to rest back home before heading off for New York to photograph Maggie and David elope at Mohonk Mountain House. The opportunity to reunite with an old friend and witness a ceremony in front of a historic landmark deep in the Catskills was exhilarating and I found myself counting down the hours until our meeting.

When the evening came, I met them in the hotel lobby under a grand staircase. David wore blue, Maggie wore gold. Their ceremony was just their officiant and another witness, with readings from Campbell and Hermann Hesse. After they were married, we hiked to the lighthouse for sunset and photographed at a viewpoint from which you could see six states. We had the whole place to ourselves as the sun faded down to an orange glow.

It was lovely and breathtaking, but they made it feel effortless. After we were done shooting, all I wanted was to relive those moments with the two of them. This day was a highlight of my career, truly.

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