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Danielle on Orcas

A little while ago, I met my dear photographer friend Danielle for a day trip to Orcas Island. Danielle is a photographer and writer. She had never been on the other side of the camera before. I wanted to fix that.

The ferry I had hoped to catch doesn’t exist – another wasn’t coming for three hours. Anybody else would have settled on a different plan, but we were determined. We killed time by driving to Deception Pass, then going to small town antique stores and looking at shiny things. Finally, we got on a boat and talked about how good it felt that ferries are still a necessity; that despite the fact that humans can alter genes and map the galaxy, we still need big boats to get across bodies of water. There is something graceful to that simplicity. We talked about everything, really.

Find Danielle's work here.

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