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Vedada and Sam

On May 1st, a couple of very dear friends got married. Being asked to document their wedding pretty much meant the world to me.

Vedada and Sam wanted the day to feel authentic to them, and they succeeded. She got ready at their apartment, he at his best man’s place next door. Their venue, Lake Union Cafe, was literally on the same block.

Biff, their Boston terrier, donned a suit for the ceremony. Pop culture met Eastern European culture. For photos, we recreated some of their early dates and were lucky enough to get to shoot their first look at Quinn’s. Later, we stopped at Cal Anderson park and the UW campus.

The night was full of familiar faces and friends. Bosnian dancing shook the floor, whiskey was poured, and the party ran late into the night.

Special thanks to Tyler for photographing this with me and Autumn for playing chauffeur.

Dinner & Dessert: Lake Union Cafe

DJ: Bruce Pavitt

Videography: Kyle McCarthy and Adric Knight

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